here is a video about a person yelling about raichu

who wants to see the replay of my second NU battle ever

archeops is baller in NU

jolteon’s RU so i guess it explains raichu in NU

i’m convinced to make a NU team now

besides boltbeam has always been great coverage, and raichu can just run HP ice

spermbanked said: awful coverage and just a weaker jolteon. he does get encore i guess but apparently its not enough to make it stand out compared to thundurus

i guess but it should like. atleast be RU with those stats, maybe even UU

why is raichu NU? literally why?

it’s got base 90 SpA and 110 speed, why is it NU

you know what i want? light ball to work for all pika line

raichu would be so much more viable